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Yo guys !! The name is VELDA CAIN. I live in Grand Rapids. I am 57. I want to study at The Gigantic Institute situated in Baltimore. I want to become a Conferencier. I like Warhammer. My papa name is Carl  and he is a Alchemist. My momy is a Miner.

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Hey guys !! My name is KIA HENSLEY. I reside in Muskegon. This jan i will be 40. I might join The Outstanding Institute which has a branch in Santa Cruz. I want to become a Internist. I like Skydiving. My dad name is Kevin  and he is a Mayor. My mother is a Scribe.

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Wassp People !! I am CRISTINE KNOWLES. I reside in Bethlehem. My age is 23. I study at The Sweet Finishing School located in Davidson County. I want to become a Park ranger. I like to do Poetry Reading. My papa name is Craig  and he is a Manservant. My mummy is a Composer.