First of all, it should be noted that the panda is a very rare and very valuable animal (it’s on the verge of extinction), and more than half the world’s population has never seen this wonderful creation for real. But as a tattoo is relatively easy to see the pandas.Panda as a tattoo is little known, but is still not uncommon among representatives of Asian cultures, post-Soviet and European community. Meaning of the panda tattoo is not expressed sufficiently specific, but it still has a well-established symbols. Neck tattoos are also very popular

Panda is now one of the most famous symbols of China, where it is called a bamboo bear and consider China’s national animal. In the tattoo so it is not uncommon to see the presence of other known symbols of Asia and China, such as the lotus , cherry , bamboo, and others.

One of the reasons for tattooing panda is an open desire to express sympathy with environmental organizations that are struggling with the disappearance of the dying species. Such occasions usually prosecuted in the Western world. In many cases, the value of this best tattoo designs expresses the longing and serves as a reminder of the cornflower childhood, carefree and innocent past time .


Panda is well-known symbol of friendship . Well-known expression “panda diplomacy” – traditionally the Chinese government aired a panda as a gift to those countries with which cooperated and had a good relationship, that is, the panda has become a symbol of reconciliation and a sign of confidence .Panda, became the emblem of the World Wide Fund for Animal Welfare. Panda is an omnivore, but in the past it was thought that it feeds exclusively on grasses and other vegetation, so it is often chose the symbol of vegetarianism. Panda in the Russian is used only in the feminine gender, so that it can be not a bad female character and emphasize the individuality and originality of each girl. It is clear that the tattoo with the image of a panda is not for everyone.


This animal is best suited to man kind, calm and balanced . It is made ​​by people who have a rich spiritual world, and looking for some spiritual peace.The value of this tattoo is quite understandable and interesting, it is in any case positive and expresses joy, emphasizes independence and style.

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Body Art Tattoos, Airbrush Body Art, Body Art Paint, Body Art Expo, Tribal Body Art, Body Art Forms, Texas Body Art, Henna Body Art, Body Arts, Human Body ArtIf you have not endeavored body art, currently is the era, as body art befalls the largest trend avowal of all. Integrated tattoos, piercing and coloring is what has been included. It possesses special work of ingenuity.

Body Art is the method to convey your wishes, your allegiances and linking and certainly, it is the finest techniques to sex up your visual petition. Down the ages, body art has been the means to affirm independence and gratis sprit. As an art it traces its roots to earliest traditions like India, Africa and Inca, where, Henna has been always in style.        


The most aggressive type of articulacy, body art was portion of substitute traditions for an extended time. Through the punk association body art was seen as proscribed and classified to little section of civilization. For long, it was alleged as a foreign art form belonging to exotic traditions. With the persuasion of music and trendy artistic body art slowly become ordinary.

Although it indicates various forms, acute and tattooing are the most admired. With icons from film, spot and the trend world approval body art. It is the newest thing to choose for. Body art is the method of separating yourself from the normal Joe and standing out. It can be of revolt or only simple consideration grabbling.

Everyone has their possess cause for it. But it is infectious on in India like never before because uniqueness and fluency became the grasp slogans of the society. Body art is considering a latest renewal. An exact trend statement, it is not only confidential to the youth. Body art as well has its impish demand, according to experts utilize of body art for sexual pleasure is and recognize practice. So, what’s stopping you from decorating your body?                  


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